The Return of the Light


It is cold but sunny since yesterday. This is the beginning of the change from winter to spring and summer. And it was cloudy every day but yesterday the sun was there. For me it was the retunr of the light in this year and the photo was exactly such a moment. Standing in front of the stairs I saw exactly this and the moment was perfect for a moment.

German hope – Football and car

by mike mahlke
by mike mahlke

I must live with the fact that people do not understand my photos. I like this photo and I think it is a good work. I want to show reality today. In this case a totally ugly and dead view to a house with families inside. This house is typically for most of the ugly industrial towns and bigger streets in the towns around Remscheid and in Remscheid in Germany.

But I think a lot of people want more than living there. And now hope can be made visible: football.

Football is a symbol for more fun and more than the life day for day. And this is shown here.

But not individually. It is shown in the same way in most of the windows. The public view – the visible language – says – here I am.

But before the house with the dust on the wall and the cracks is a car.

It is a german VW Golf and he is totally clean. The car is cleaner than the house.

The car is the symbol for more than to be in this house. It is a symbol for a life outside the house.

But I think not many people see this behind this document of a street view.

Before I end still another information.

The frame is selected because he is old and ugly and has the same colours like the reality on the photo.

I want to emphasize my impressions and so I selected this frame.

The whole image is ugly and the hope you see is the car and the football.

It is a symbol of escape from the life in this industrial society.

And the frame shows the border and that there is nothing else ….